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Personal Training · Brochure

Our personal trainers are certified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help you lose weight, get stronger, train for an event or just make changes to feel better. The client sets goals and the trainer designs the exercise program to reach them. Schedule a free 30-minute orientation with a trainer to help you choose a program or class that fits your goals.

3-Session Introductory Package: Three 30-minute, one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer, for those who've never purchased a training package.

Single, 12 or 24 Session Packages: 30-minute or 60-minute one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer.

12 or 24-session Buddy-Train: 30-minute sessions for two with a certified personal trainer.

Cardio equipment is available for 30 minutes after your training session.

Personal Training Packages
Spa Members & Senior Pricing
3-session Introductory
30 minutes
3-session Introductory to
Buddy and Small Group
30 minutes
Single Session
30 minutes
60 minutes
12-session Package
30 minutes
60 minutes
24-session Package
30 minutes
60 minutes
12-session Buddy Train
30 minutes
24-session Buddy Train
30 minutes
12-session Small Group
30 minutes
24-session Small Group
30 minutes

Seniors are age 60 and better. See Membership for information on how to become a Spa member.

Weight Management: Release and RESET · Brochure · See our Clients' Success page

Our 8-week weight management program, Release, provides everything you need to be successful!

Your program consists of sixteen 45-minute personal training sessions, one 12-visit class punch card, a RESET detox kit that includes nutritional coaching, and a 4-week workout program to follow for life.

We take care of everything--food plan, vitamins and supplements, exercise program, support--and hold you accountable!

Release is an 8-week program for $1100. You can either pay in full or make four payments of $275. Spa members receive 20% off Release and USANA shelf products.

RESET is a 5-day, high fiber cleanse to jump-start your weight loss and curb unhealthy eating. RESET is an important part of your Release program. Read more about RESET and our full line of nutritional foods and vitamins at justformespa.usana.com.

Studio Classes · October Schedule
*Please call Just For Me Spa at 651-439-4662 for schedule changes/cancellations of classes held on holidays.*

All 30-minute classes include a complimentary, 30-minute cardio option immediately after class only. Choose from several different cardio machines. See the Schedule for current classes offered.

Cross Training, 45 minutes: Total-body circuit class led by a personal trainer. The focus is on core, balance, flexibility and strength. This class uses Kinesis cable machines, TRX straps, body weight exercises and more.

Weight Training, 30 minutes: Weight resistance training using mostly dumbbells to improve bone density, endurance, release weight and body fat, become toned and strong. Progress is monitored for weight-loss, body fat reduction and strength increase with individual tracking records. Personal training consultation required before attending this class.

Yoga, 60 minutes: Classes include Gentle Flow, Hatha, Power and Yin.

Studio Classes Payment Option
Spa Members, Seniors & Student Pricing
12-visit punch card
$125 ($10.42/class)
$100 ($8.33/class)

Seniors are age 60 and better; students are full-time, high school or college, and must show current ID; see Membership for information on how to become a Spa member.