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Finishing Touches

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Waxing Tips

Hair must be at least 1/4″ long in order for waxing to be effective. Prior to your first bikini or Brazilian wax, we ask that you trim the hair to make the waxing process easier. Do not trim shorter than 1/4″ or the hair may not be able to be thoroughly removed.

A Brazilian wax removes all hair (a modified Brazilian may be requested during the consultation). A Bikini Line removes hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel–anything that is visible when wearing a regular bikini bottom. Additional removal is subject to an up-charge to a Bikini Full.

Please let us know if you are currently using any topical products containing retinol as these increase sensitivity. Waxing is not recommended for clients on Accutane.

Please be advised that if you have always been a shaver, your first time waxing will be the most difficult. Each time you wax, the hair grows in softer and sparser and becomes easier to remove.

Prior to your wax service, please avoid direct exposure to the sun or tanning bed within the previous 24 hours and exfoliation or scrubs within the previous 48 hours.


After you have been waxed, remember that the skin is very delicate and may need 24 hours to recover. Undue friction may cause further inflammation. Wear loose clothing and avoid excess heat to the waxed areas.

We recommend a post-epilation product specifically formulated to keep the waxed area soft and to discourage ingrown hairs.


  • Eyebrow Design – $20
  • Chin/cheek/lip – $12
  • Full Face – $50
  • Neck – $14
  • Back or Chest – $60
  • Arms – $35+
  • Underarms – $27
  • Belly – $10
  • Bikini Line – $35+
  • Bikini Full – $45
  • Brazilian – $70+
  • Half Leg – $65
  • Full Leg – $80+


  • Eyebrows – $22
  • Eyelashes – $22


  • Makeup Application · 30 minutes – $40
  • Special Occasion/Bridal · 60 minutes – $65
  • Makeup Lesson · 60 minutes – $55