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Photo Tour: Experience the Magic

There are wonderful sights to be seen from the moment you walk up to Just For Me Spa in Stillwater, Minnesota. Sit back and take a tour of a few favorite features of Just For Me Spa. The woodsy log cabin surroundings invite you in the door and the landscape is beautifully decorated for each season. The bronze eagle statue stands at attention, acting as a peaceful guardian for the comfort that awaits you inside. Enjoy the warmth of…

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Salt Block Cooking: Tia’s Himalayan Experience

While cooking and serving on Himalayan salt is not new, the use of it in the every day home kitchen is a newer concept. I was intimidated at first; I have used salt blocks to serve on but never have I cooked on one or served drinks in salt glasses. So I took a few supplies I already had from Just For Me Spa and a few other items brand new to the spa and dove in head first. ‘The Complete…

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