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Fitness & Wellness

Personal Training · Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are certified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help you lose weight, get stronger, train for an event or just make changes to feel better. The client sets goals and the trainer designs the exercise program to reach them. Schedule a free 30-minute orientation with a trainer to help you choose a program or class that fits your goals.

Single, 3 or 12 Session Packages: 30-minute or 60-minute one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer.

12-session Buddy-Train: 30-minute sessions for two with a certified personal trainer. All participants must be in attendance for buddy and small group training.

Cardio equipment is available for 30 minutes after your training session.

Personal Training Packages


*Senior Pricing

Single Session 30 minutes $45 $36
60 minutes $75 $60
3-session Package 30 minutes $129.99 $103.99
60 minutes $215.99 $172.79
12-session Package 30 minutes $485 $388
60 minutes $810 $648
12-session Buddy Train 30 minutes $324/person $259.20/person

*Seniors are age 60 and better.

Studio Classes · Yoga Instructors




12-visit punch card (classes, gym, locker room) $125 ($10.42/class) $100 ($8.33/class)
Drop-in (classes, gym, locker room) $15 $12

*Seniors are age 60 and better.
**Please call Just For Me Spa at 651-439-4662 for schedule changes/cancellations of classes held on holidays**

All classes include a complimentary, 30-minute cardio option immediately after class only. Choose from several different cardio machines. Studio classes include Cross Training, Weight Training and Yoga.

A 12-visit punch card is for clients who want to use the cardio/strength training equipment, take a studio class and use the aerobics studio (when class is not in session).

Drop-in clients pay a one-day fee and have full access to the cardio/strength training equipment, classes, aerobics studio (when class is not in session) and locker room.


Printable studio class schedule PDF.

Training Classes

Weight Training—45 minutes

A fun and effective way to reach your fitness goals. This small group session will incorporate free weights, TRX, Kinesis and body weight training in a motivating and friendly environment. Get your friends together and prepare to work out and have some fun!

Cross Training—45 minutes

Total body circuit class led by a personal trainer. The focus is on core, balance, flexibility, strength. Uses Kinesis cable machines, TRX straps, body weight exercises and more. Class size limited.

Private Buddy Training—45 minutes

Reach your fitness and weight loss goals much easier with shared motivation with a buddy! Train with a friend and a certified personal trainer for a fun, relaxed experience that will get both of you moving together.

Yoga Classes

Mindful Focus & Flow Yoga—60 minutes

This class balances the mind, body and spirit through intention setting, conscious breath work, mindful movements and meditation practices. This gentle flowing but energizing class provides you with support and purpose. Leave feeling more aligned, calm and present.

Be Kind Yoga—60 minutes

This yoga class is a safe space to practice self-love and kindness. You might bring a journal to write down intentions or mantras that help you build a relationship with your practice and yourself. We will meander through restorative poses and soft flows. Class will end with a scented, guided meditation.

Honey Pot Yoga—60 minutes

The first half of this yoga class will feature gentle postures and connective Vinyasa movements designed to focus and steady the mind, build heat, strength and flexibility and work through emotions and energy to prepare a deep state of relaxation. The second half of this class melts into a blend of therapeutic soma, yin and restorative yoga to fully connect the mind, body and spirit.