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Bodywork Professionals




Julie – Massage Therapist Team Lead

Julie graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic in August 2013.

Julie enjoys giving a “relaxing-therapeutic” massage to her clients by starting each massage with relaxation techniques and slowly working deeper in tense areas as needed. She says, “I believe it’s only after we quiet our mind and body that our muscles can begin to relax.”

Julie likes helping clients find and treat the cause of their tension and then giving options for better posture, positions and stretches.




Abby – Spa Practitioner

Abby has been in the health & wellness industry since April 2019. She attended the Minneapolis Aveda Institute, became a licensed Esthetician, and later pursued more full body healing by becoming a Certified Spa Practitioner. She started her career at Just For Me Spa team in June 2019.

Abby enjoys offering clients a variety of while body treatments that help focus on relaxation and hydration. She enjoys helping clients feel more relaxed and less stressed while simultaneously helping maintain healthy skin and body.

*Abby does not perform deep tissue, CBD treatments or cupping. Abby is also an Esthetician 





Alissa – Massage Therapist

Alissa completed the Massage Therapy program at Globe College in May 2007.

She enjoys any type of massage modality, from relaxing to deep tissues. She also likes the 60-minute massage treatment and performing neck work on her clients.

The most rewarding part of her work is knowing that her clients will feel better and more relaxed after their massage.




Andy – Massage Therapist

Andy completed training at the Everest Institute and has been practicing for 6 years. He graduated in 2015. 

He enjoys three types massage modality. Specifically deep tissue, sports massage and medical massage. 

The most enjoyable thing for Andy is to create connections with his clients and being able to help them with pain management. 





Brady – Massage Therapist

Brady attended Saint Paul College and graduated in the spring of 2018 with 780 hours of massage training.

Brady’s favorite modalities are relaxation, deep tissue massage and passive release. Improving his clients’ quality of life, helping others escape from their daily stress and increasing their ability to perform daily living activities is the best part of his work.





Emily – Spa Practitioner

Emily joined Just For Me Spa back in January 2020. Her favorite treatments include chakra and custom massages. She loves when her clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

*Emily does not perform deep tissue, CBD treatments or cupping.






Faith – Massage Therapist

Faith  went to College of St. Catherine’s in Minneapolis Saint Paul and graduated in 2002. She then attended Everest Institute, Bloomington and graduated in 2006. She began her career at Just For Me Spa in 2017.

Muscular, skeletal, visceral and fascia restrictions in the body require a combination of modalities in order to release. Faith practices a variety of modalities tailored to each client to give the best results possible. Faith enjoys finding the most effective combination and seeing the positive results that follow.





Joy – Massage Therapist – On Call

Joy attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and graduated in May 2014.

Joy enjoys utilizing Swedish, Hot Stone, and Energy Work in her massages. She loves helping clients relieve stress from their daily lives.

*Joy does not perform deep tissue.





Kristen – Massage Therapist

Kristen attended the Aveda Institute, Minneapolis in 2007 for massage therapy. She practices relaxation massage most often on her clients and loves to help her clients relax and feel better.

*Kristen does not perform deep tissue.



Lisa – Massage Therapist

Lisa studied at the St.Croix center of healing arts and has been practicing massage for 17 years. 

As a therapist, she love 90 minute massages. She feels it give her time to focus on specific areas the need a little extra work and still gives the clients enough time to relax and enjoy a full body massage. 





Marie – Massage Therapist

Marie received her therapeutic massage training from Saint Paul College, graduating in 2007.

Her favorite massage therapies are deep tissue and therapeutic massages. She is happiest when she can observe how the massage benefits her clients and hearing the positive feedback from them.




Michele – Massage Therapist

Michele graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School in 2014 and started at Just For Me Spa in 2018.

Michele uses a combination of therapeutic massage, shiatsu, relaxation, cupping and reflexology to deliver the best results. She most enjoys seeing her clients walk out happy.



Pia – Massage Therapist

Pia received her first 500 hours of training at the Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel, California. She graduated in 2016. She then began working in Arizona and received an additional 200 hours of CE at Sedona School of Massage in Sedona, Arizona and graduated in 2018.

Pia enjoys various modalities, such as Swedish, Myofascial Release, and acupressure techniques combined with energy work. Bur her favorite modality is in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

The most enjoyable part of her work is the work itself. Every person on the table is a new story and a new beginning. She enjoys creating “nano vacations” for her clients to provide the ultimate mind/body relaxation.

Tracy – Massage Therapist – On Call

Tracy received her massage training at Spa Luna in Maui, HI. Her favorite service to perform is Hot Stone Therapy. She enjoys helping her clients achieve full relaxation.