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Mineral Pool

The pool area is officially closed for construction to create a serene atmosphere for you to relax in – The Ancient Healing Mineral Pool.  Follow our renovation project on Facebook.

We will also offer all Spa clients receiving Spa services the option to book a Salt Cave session for ONLY $10 (regular session price $19-$35) during renovation in lieu of the pool area. Call 651.439.4662 to book your Salt Cave session before your Spa treatment. Offer valid for all clients receiving Spa services; not valid with any other offers or discounts.

Coming in 2019 ~ Ancient Healing Mineral Pool

Relieve pain and stress through immersion in essential minerals.

COMING IN 2019. Restore your well-being in Just For Me Spa’s new indoor St. Croix River Bluff themed Ancient Healing Mineral Pool. Heated mineral waters help boost circulation, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, revive youthful skin and help treat inflammation in swollen joints and sore, fatigued muscles.

The Ancient Healing Mineral Pool is based off the concept of Japanese hot springs and bathing facilities called “onsen” pools. Traditional onsen pools typically follow a sacred bathing ritual in order to be immersed in the hot pool. Entering the onsen with any traces of dirt, sweat or soap is considered unacceptable.

Just For Me Spa has developed our own Spa bathing ritual, in which the client will thoroughly shower, exfoliate their body with a salt scrub and then immerse themselves into the heated pool filled with essential minerals. Clients will then shower once again when their mineral pool session is complete. Traditional onsen bathers are required to bathe in the nude, however Just For Me Spa requires clients to wear a swimsuit in our mineral pool area at all times.

Minerals found in the Ancient Healing Mineral Pool have therapeutic benefits for the skin, muscles and joints. The minerals mixed with comfortably warm water creates a deeply soothing effect on tired muscles and those suffering from arthritis, depression, anxiety, hypertension, rough and dry skin, poor circulation, inflammation, and other signs of stress and aging.

The use of the Ancient Healing Mineral Pool is complimentary with all Spa treatments & packages. Please arrive 45-60 minutes before your scheduled appointment with your swimsuit if you wish to use the mineral pool. It is required to shower before & after pool use. Locker rooms, showers, towels, robes and slippers are provided.

Use of the mineral pool is not permitted before a Salt Cave session, as no moisture is allowed in the cave. If you wish to schedule the Salt Cave and the Ancient Healing Mineral Pool during your visit, please allocate time after your Salt Cave session to use the mineral pool. Additional fees apply.

More information is coming soon.