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Online Booking

Please read all of our guidelines before continuing to book a service online. Failure to do so may result in your services not being booked or suspension of your ability to book online.

Please note: Some specific services, such as our spa packages, can only be booked over the phone. Should you have trouble finding the service you’d like to book, please call 651-439-4662 to speak one of our front desk coordinators.

You may only book online appointments for your own individual self. When booking for others you must call our Spa. When booking large groups, you are required to do so over the phone so we can accommodate your group properly. 651-439-4662

A credit card is required to book appointments online. We require a 48-hour cancellation notice for single services less than  90-minutes, including salon services.  Appointments that are 90-minutes  or longer, including Salon services, require a 48-hour cancellation  notice. A one-week cancellation notice is required for an individual  receiving a Spa package or multiple services.  A one-week cancellation  notice is required for two or more individuals receiving single 90  minute services. A two-week cancellation notice is required for two or  more individuals receiving Spa packages or multiple services. A 30-day  cancellation notice is required for all Spa home reservations and for  parties of four or more receiving multiple services