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Eyelash Solutions: 5 Ways to Achieve Beautiful Lashes

Long, luscious lashes are the most desirable beauty basic. Luckily, if you have trouble growing your eyelashes or have naturally short or blonde lashes, Just For Me Spa has every solution for you! GrandeLASH Serum The results of the GrandeLASH –MD Conditioning Treatment is undeniable. This stuff is seriously amazing. Achieve fuller, longer natural lashes in 4-6 weeks, guaranteed. The three-month supply is formulated with vitamins, peptides, proteins and prostaglandin. Apply serum on inner edge of the eyelid and…

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Spa Comforts at Home: Create Your Relaxing Place

Pat yourself on the back – you’ve survived the harsh Minnesota month of January! Now we only need to worry about the rest of winter (however long the cold and snow decides to rage on)… Groan! If you are like me, you may be feeling complacent about this time of year with the lack of warm sunshine and the Vitamin D it brings to the soul. But be patient and be gentle with yourself and Mother Nature, as “this…

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